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OK guys, First Johnlock Fanfic!!

Thunder boomed over head, so loud it threatened to break something. Sherlock sat huddled on the couch, wapped in a blanket up to his nose, and cursing his weakness. John walked out of his room carrying his laptop and a mug of tea.
"Sherlock! I thought you would be in bed by now." He said glancing at the clock. "Its 1:30 in the morning."
"Can't sleep." Sherlock managed to croak in an almost normal voice.
"Ah yes," John sighed. "the storm is keeping me awake too."
Sherlock grunted and hoped that John would just go drink his tea, but instead he just stood there, studying Sherlock. He was doing it, Sherlock could see it in his eyes; John was using deduction the way he had been so carefully taught.
"....You're afraid of the thunder... aren't you?"
Sherlock avoided John's gaze.
"Aw look at you. Big tough detective, solving crimes for fun, keeping heads in the refrigerator. Afraid of some thunder!"
Sherlock buried his head in his arms. He could just cry. Mycroft had always teased him for being afraid of thunder and now the person he admired most was doing it.
Suddenly the couch sank down beside Sherlock and John's arms rapped around him pulling him close.
"Don't worry. I was afraid of thunder too, once," Johns warm breath tickled his ear.
"It's OK. I'll protect you."
And then, Sherlock didn't hate thunder storms so much.He relaxed and snuggled closer.
"Thanks, John."
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